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S1 Seat retrim kit:
Black stag as original...
£598 (pair)  
Also early S3 before “basket-weave” introduced
Seat retrim kit:
Black stag as original
£598 (pair)  
S1 or S2

Also S3 and S4 (non-s/e) cars
Centre arm-rest trim, welded as original:
Atlas grey or black.

Complete and assembled with hardboard backing and correct metal fixings for attachment to ABS tunnel top.
Limited quantity
S1 or S2 Door arm-rest vinyl trim with correct welded embossing: Available in atlas grey or black. Supplied in pairs £95.00
Limited quantity
S1 or S2 Door arm-rest and tunnel top arm-rest trim kit:
Available in atlas grey or black.

(Saves £10 on buying above two items individually)
S1 or S2 Vinyl covering for door trim panel and door surround trim panel, R.H & L.H.:
Matches door arm-rest and tunnel-top armrest trim kit. Available in all colour combinations listed in the
originality/ interior trim section. Door surround trim comes complete with backing foam. (The door trim was originally fitted to three-ply plywood backing and the surround trim to hardboard). Suitable for either RHD or LHD vehicles.
(complete kit, does both sides)
S1 or S2 Complete trim kit (excluding seats):
Saves £4.50 on buying above two items individually
Very limited supply - when these are gone there may well not be any more - not perfect, some creasing mainly around the ears - please email me for more details
S1 & S2 Gear Lever Gaiter
S1 & S2 Rear Engine Bay Bulkhead Sponge £4.25  
S1 & S2 Boot Mat (Black Hardura) £67  
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