I would be delighted if type 26 owners would complete the following and send back to tim@type26register.com. This will be included in the register

Please note this information will be kept confidentially and any register published on this site in the future will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act

We have given much thought to the amount of information that it is appropriate to publish on this site. In deciding what information should be available to all we have had regard to the experiences of others who run similar registers and we have taken into account the following issues:

1. The implications of the Data Protection Act

2. The fact that we have no wish to assist in the fraudulent creation of a particular "car" either to take advantage of the cars' rising values whether by stamping a VIN plate with details ofcar which does not exist and using this to create a 26GTS or indeed a road car.
We will not therefore publish details of "missing" cars as it is well known that some unscrupulous people ascertain details of a lost car, create one from a collection of bits and then claim to have "found" the car. This will inevitably damage the credibilty and values of the genuine cars.

3. We wish to assist fellow enthusiasts in the following ways:

(i) The provision of expertise in the verification of the identity of a particular car.

(ii) To make available greater knowledge of the original features of the cars - this will include the provision of contemporary photographs of original cars and components. Where possible, information will be provided showing at what unit number a particular feature changed

(iii) The provision of a summary of the cars which have been traced and where details have been provided. Such information would include details of the earliest and latest examples of the type 26 that have been discovered, the number of cars traced with their original Bourne shells, the total number of cars which have come to light, broken down between series 1 and series 2 examples

(iv) To assist owners with information on originality and to share new information that is obtained.

Please contact the register for any assistance in these matters.

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