Car Information

Car ID 821
Series +2S/130
Variant FHC
Model +2S/130|FHC|50
Year 1972
Type 50
Chassis 72060283N
Color Red
Engine W27028
Purchased 2014-06-24
Comments I am the fourth owner of this car. The car was purchased new by a William Hogg from Edgar's Motors in Waterloo, Ontario Canada May 23, 1973. In November 1981 it was purchased by Glen Granger, in Oakville Ontario. Michael Snowdon who sold me the car purchased it on March 4, 1985 (my birthday, but I'm a little older than 1985.). Michael lived outside Hudson Quebec. And restored the car twice during his ownership. A new galvanized chassis was installed. This car is two digits off in the serial number from the blue lotus I was planning to restore. I went to see Michael and came away with a complete yellow 1969 +2 body many parts and this fully restored car
Owner ID 254
First name Randy
City Manotick
State Ontario
Country Canada
Created 2014-10-30 16:17:09
Modified 2020-10-16 14:59:33

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