Car Information

Chassis :4682
Color:Cirrus White
Engine :LP4924LBA
Purchase Date:1986-04-01
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:I originally purchased the car in 1986 while enjoying a vacation in the UK and shipped it to the US when my trip was completed. Impressed with its honesty, lack of rust and complete originality, I began sorting through its mechanicals and cosmetics after I received the car in Colorado to return it to its former glory. The car was disassembled down to the last bolt. All underside components were stripped and powder coated. The car received a high quality, bare-fiberglass re-spray in factory correct Cirrus White. The brightwork was re-chromed, all of the wiring was replaced and the interior was reupholstered in timelessly beautiful and correct black covers and “Rhino Hide” rubber mats. The wood trimmed dash and very rare wood steering wheel complete the period look.
First name:Ned
CitySan Ramon
Country:United States
Member Since:2014-4-7
Record Created:2014-04-02 13:15:34
Record Modified:2014-04-02 13:15:34
Record Update History
Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
INSERT 1965 26 4682 S2 Roadster Cirrus White 2019-02-02 09:42:22
INSERT 1965 26 4682 S2 Roadster Cirrus White 2014-04-02 14:15:34

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