Car Information

Car ID 708
Series +2S/130
Variant FHC
Model +2S/130|FHC|50
Year 1971
Type 50
Chassis 7105080148N
Color LO 12 Lagoon Blue
Engine I24640
Purchased 2012-12-19
Comments U.K. reg plate # SCL697K Barn find - maybe never used in U.S. U.K. reg plate # SCL697K Federal car,left hand drive. Papers found in car indicate U.S. Soldier purchased new and drove car in U.K. Car seems to have never been used in U.S. Not running now but ORIGINAL COMPLETE car.
Owner ID 237
First name John
City Rockville Centre
State N Y
Country United States
Created 2013-03-21 20:41:46
Modified 2020-10-16 14:59:33

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