Car Information

Car ID 678
Series S2
Variant Roadster
Model S2|Roadster|26
Year 1965
Type 26
Chassis 4862
Color White
Engine 26/4862
Purchased 2000-06-14
Comments I purchased this car with 11,000 original miles, in entirely original condition. At this date (2012) it now has 33K. It has lived it's whole life in the same neighborhood, and I used to walk past its garage when I was 13 years old- and then bought it 30 years later. It remained in good storage for over 25 years, undriven. The car runs better than ever, here in Denver, CO- and is remarkably faster than one would expect this car to be. My only modifications have been C/V joints, a beautiful 13" steering wheel, Japanese starter and alternator (of course), a bit of carpet, and an electric radiator fan. I replaced the original enamel paint with modern urethane, and you can see the work in progress at and of course on my painting web site, where it is featured on the cover of my car painting manual- which appears to be the best selling car painting guide in the world, and has been for many years. PS. That's not me in the photo- just an admirer.
Owner ID 94
First name Neil
City Denver
State CO
Country United States
Created 2012-12-14 04:23:02
Modified 2020-10-16 14:59:33
Website Website
Factory Data - I've lost track of where this data originated and it may be incomplete, inaccurate, false, or just plain made up.
Year 65
Month 09
Production Batch
Chassis 4862
Engine LP4212
Gearbox 4
Build Date 1965-09-15

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