Car Information

Car ID 642
Series +2S
Variant FHC
Model +2S|FHC|50
Year 1969
Type 50
Chassis 2025
Color blue (ish)
Purchased 2011-09-03
Comments Car is now a rolling chassis with zero timed engine (standard crank grinds and bores. New pistons rings, all bearings etc. Early Spyder chassis refurbished and repainted All suspension bushes, bearings and wearing parts renewed. Wishbones and many other small brackets have been stove enamelled. I don't like powder coating! Most body repairs done - various cracks tears and holes repaired. Currently about to replace sill members with stainless items from SJ Sportscar. Body sitting on chassis and drying out in garage for last year or so!
Owner ID 97
First name Matthew
City Fleet
State Hants
Country United Kingdom
Created 2012-05-23 13:41:12
Modified 2020-07-01 09:43:40

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