Car Information

Car ID 577
Series Sprint
Variant FHC
Model Sprint|FHC|36
Year 1970
Type 36
Chassis 0022F
Color black over white
Engine --
Purchased 2013-03-22
Comments Former car (yellow Plus 2) was sold to a good friend after a major damage done to it by a towing company... The current FHC Elan is an original S4/Sprint, LHD, for the continental market. Lots of tinkering over the years, will stay with me until I will be unable to get in or out, I think... Picture is from a practically trouble-free 2-week road-trip from Germany (near Düsseldorf) to southern Spain in 2018.
Owner ID 158
First name Hans Axel
City Krefeld
State NRW
Country Germany
Created 2011-08-03 12:55:36
Modified 2020-06-16 05:58:49
Factory Data - I've lost track of where this data originated and it may be incomplete, inaccurate, false, or just plain made up.
Production Batch
Type 36
Chassis 0022F
Suffix F (S4 S/E FHC Export)
Build Date 1000-01-01

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