Car Information

Car ID 389
Series +2
Variant Federal
Model +2|Federal|50
Year 1970
Type 50
Chassis 2348
Color white
Purchased 2009-11-22
Comments Went to look at a MKII Saloon and came home with a Lotus. Beautiful car mostly original and am doing a frame off "going over" (can't bring myself to call it a restoration! Not a rubber part on the car survives. Am quickly learning that parts are both hard to come by and expensive, amazingly cheaper to purchase in GB and ship here than buy in the States, most of the time by a huge margin!! No dash with the car but do have the gauges, doing most of the work myself with a little help.
Owner ID 305
First name Vincent
City Valrico
State Florida
Country United States
Created 2010-01-14 13:51:43
Modified 2020-10-26 18:46:41

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