Car Information

Chassis :0734
Color:carnival red
Engine :LP12044LBA
Purchase Date:2009-04-04
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:RNG 930G Chris Fould's new lotus chassis & rebuild in 1996. Taken off road shortly afterwards with hydraulics problems & stored until my purchase . .Original specification includes dynamo, +ve earth & webers. Mick Miller driveshafts and lotus 4 into 2 into 1 later exhaust manifold fitted summer 2009 MOT'd and on the road april 2010. Bob Richardson fixed the original radio for us April 2010 . Dash revarnished may 2010. 2019 update:Coming up to 10th anniversary of ownership, a couple of years ago it had total shell off rebuild and respray and complete mechanicals overhaul including overhead cam shells which were found to be original being replaced . This helped oil pressure ! . the original seats were restored & rebuilt using same vinyl resewn . Aldridge trimmers provided the original lodestar headlining which was replaced. . The original crashpad was replaced with fibreglass replica from Susan Miller reupholstered to match. an original rear bumper was sourced and rechromed and fitted. last year a set of lotus alloys were fitted with the steels now as spare set
First name:Richard
Country:United Kingdom
Member Since:2019-1-27
Record Created:2009-12-14 12:25:40
Record Modified:2019-01-27 07:03:14
Record Update History
Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
UPDATE 1968 50 0734 +2 carnival red 2019-02-09 20:31:51
INSERT 1968 50 0734 +2 carnival red 2019-02-02 09:42:21
UPDATE 1968 50 0734 +2 carnival red 2019-01-27 07:03:14

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