Car Information

Car ID 316
Series S4 SE
Variant DHC
Model S4 SE|DHC|45
Year 1968
Type 45
Chassis 8099
Color Red
Comments Original Lotus yellow and RHD, converted to LHD June 17, 2012 I did sell it last year, after 25 years of ownership, when I got one of these offer you can’t reject, and fortunately I knew the man, who also is a member of the Danish Lotus Club, so I still see him and the car and even borrowed it a couple of weeks ago when my granddaughter celebrated her confirmation (I think its called so) For the Register I can tell, that I sold it on June the 6th 2011 and I bought it in June/July 1986. I do remember the guy I bought it from in 1986, as I’, still in contact with his brother, and I might have the precise date and also the previous owners, and if not the new owner have got all my documents
Owner ID 83
First name No
City None
State None
Country United States
Created 2009-11-15 18:24:28
Modified 2021-04-13 14:30:28
Factory Data - I've lost track of where this data originated and it may be incomplete, inaccurate, false, or just plain made up.
Year 68
Month 07
Production Batch
Chassis 8099
Engine LP11976
Gearbox 4
Build Date 1968-07-17

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