Car Information

Car ID 3
Series S3
Variant FHC-preairflow
Model S3|FHC-preairflow|36
Year 1966
Type 36
Chassis 6138
Color blue
Engine LP6876LBA
Comments RHD drive coupe, UK reg LSS 742D. UK plate research suggests car was registered in Scotland, was apparently sold through Len Street Limited at one point. All other history is unknown. Original color was white, has window switches on the dash, Spitfire style radiator, and came with servo brakes, semi close transmission, and 3.55:1 diff. The car is apparently among the last pre airflow coupes. Information from Lotus cars documents that the car left the factory in Sept 1966.
Owner ID 395
First name Mike
City New Castle
State Pa
Country United States
Created 2004-01-22 19:00:39
Modified 2020-06-18 10:53:42
Factory Data - I've lost track of where this data originated and it may be incomplete, inaccurate, false, or just plain made up.
Year 66
Month 09
Production Batch
Chassis 6138
Engine LP6876
Gearbox 4
Build Date 1966-09-13

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