Car Information

Chassis :4924
Color:British Racing Green
Engine :
Purchase Date:1988-04-25
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:In the process of a body off ground up restoration. Frame and chasis near completion and body has been soda blasted. Hope to be on the road by end of summer. OK so summer came and went, maybe a few times. Now baody work is being finished and should have complete and back together by mid next summer. Maybe I will make LOG 30 and maybe not. Body number 4529
First name:Mark
CityMount Vernon
Country:United States
Member Since:2013-10-10
Record Created:2004-01-26 14:56:50
Record Modified:2009-11-10 17:06:59
Record Update History
Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
INSERT 1966 26 4924 S2 Roadster British Racing Green 2019-02-02 09:42:21

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