Car Information

Car ID 217
Series S1
Variant Roadster
Model S1|Roadster|26
Year 1963
Type 26
Chassis 0221
Color stock red now blue
Purchased 1968-05-05
Comments This car was restored by me in 1968 and has been owned by me since. The car was purchased from the 1963/4 New York auto show by Boulton Auto Co. in Louisville Ky. USA. I believe that the #26/0221 car (Bourne body #26/0192) may be the 1st left hand drive car imported as there was a LH/1 inscribed in white marker on the inside of the trunk behind the drivers side seat under the matting. I am the 2nd owner of this vehicle. June 17, 2012 - Update: I sold my Elan to George and Clifford Stanwick of Atlanta, GA. George owns three S-1s (mine included) and his brother, Clifford, of California, also collects Lotus cars. The car was listed on and the response was phenomenal! I had inquires from as far away as Germany, and 28 offers. If you would like to view the photo album Google 1963 Lotus Elan S-1. There are several Filicker sites with full photos. I had this car for 42+ years, did all the restoration and maintenance including rebuilding the engine, transmission and differential, brakes etc. myself, and I will miss the car but it was time to move on.
Owner ID 83
First name No
City None
State None
Country United States
Created 2008-08-15 17:52:34
Modified 2021-04-13 14:30:27

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