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Chassis :5572
Engine :LP 5554 LBA
Purchase Date:1988-05-21
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:Lotus factory hand written documents, Hethel, Norfolk, England record this very early chassis 26/5572 (not 36/5572, the VIN as found stamped on the right front frame) was dispatched from Lotus March 28, 1966. When first contacted, the Lotus factory claimed that this car did not exist. They state they have no records of a type 36, Elan S3 FHC, production prior to chassis 36/5811 built in May 1966 and sold in June 1966. However they concede, ?The indications that types 26 S2?s and 36 S3?s were built simultaneously is becoming more apparent, although we do not have any official proof of this. I would say that without absolute evidence to the contrary 36/5572 (your car) is a genuine S3.? Michael J. Pomfret, Lotus Customer Relations Administrator, 17 January 1994 Repainted BRG by a Seattle auto dealer prior to being sold in late ?67 as a 1967 model. The car was subsequently repainted Datsun 240Z ?Mustard Yellow?, reason unknown other than it was an early ?70?s popular color. The second owner, Royce Palmer, allowed me to drive the car on an autocross demonstration run in September 1972. One month later the owner experienced crankshaft failure. The car was stored in a garage in Yakima, WA from the 1972 engine failure until purchased, ?in boxes?, in May 21, 1988. Odometer reading 52,500 miles. Restoration begun immediately. August 1988 The car was stripped to gel-coat and recoated removing all stress cracks and repainted the original ?Carnival Red? by Sunvalley Enterprises, Yakima, WA. Meanwhile, the block was restored to original with a new crankshaft. During engine rebuild, the head was discovered to be ?porous?, allowing water to seep into the oil. April 1989 Engine LP 5554 LBA repaired and rebuilt to original ?as shipped from factory? condition, installed in car. First drive 11 months later. May ?89 the car was driven (600 miles roundtrip) to West Coast Lotus meet in Santa Barbara, CA. Total restoration is ongoing but this Elan FHC has been driven regularly since April 1989. To date there is just over $12,000 invested in the restoration. This writeup used for display on car at 1990 Golden Gate Lotus meet in conjunction with Wine Country Classic - June 1990.
First name:Bill
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Country:United States
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Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
INSERT 1966 36 5572 S3 FHC-preairflow Red 2019-02-02 09:42:21

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