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Chassis :5611
Engine :LP 5625 LBA
Purchase Date:1979-01-22
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:Purchased in January 1979 from 3rd owner in Eugene, Oregon (42,000 miles on odometer). This Elan was originally imported from Hethel, UK into Vancouver, BC by a Canadian Lotus dealer. Lotus factory records confirm the car was originally built 25 April 1966. The engine was later being repaired at a Vancouver shop when the shop owner went bankrupt. The original engine (LP 5626 LBA) was never recovered and a 1600 cc Ford Pinto engine was installed and the car sold to Reynold C. Anderson who moved to Strome, Alberta and then moved (drove) the Elan to Eugene, Oregon in 1978. After purchase of the Elan for $1,000, without the Pinto engine, the was car stripped to the bare chassis and converted to a race car. The replaced block and bottom end engine with Hepolite 9.5:1 Pistons was from a Lotus Cortina of Mike McDaniel in Kent, WA and the twin-cam head from an impounded Lotus in Vancouver, BC. The Weber carburetors were from a Lotus Cortina wrecked in central Washington. The Elan then was dismantled for ?Body off?, Chassis up conversion to racecar. The bare chassis was gusseted, reinforced, then sandblasted and painted with oil based ?Rustolium?. For reinstallation, all pieces were inspected, rebuilt or replaced. (Photographs taken of process). Also installed was late model Elan racing springs, ?? Sway bar, Koni adjustable shocks, Cortina dual master cylinder brake system, Autopower roll bar (SCCA approved), Fuel cell, Lotus standard close ratio Gearbox, Saulsbury limited slip 3.77:1 ratio differential, Tempered inner axle stubs, TR-6 Wheel studs and ?Minilite? look-alike 5??x13? wheels. The engine was blueprinted, bored 0.020? over, balanced, crankshaft ground 0.020?, stainless steel center main bearing cap, aluminum twin-cam head cc?d with SE cams, Intake and exhaust manifold polished to gasket opening, Pan baffled, Factory headers into straight through 2?, tuned, exhaust with a ?Super Trap? stinger muffler. While the body was off, the Elan was painted Sandstone Tan with ?Imeron? paint. Details included Black bumpers and 3 trim strips of Chamois, Peach and Burnt Orange. The number 24, in Orange, was applied to sides, front and boot lid. A 2? tall Lexan racing windscreen served well. Resisting suggestions to flare the fenders for larger tires, the car was kept basically stock which, with a lot of work, could be converted to street. The rebuild project was completed in May 1982 and proved to be a very fast, reliable racecar. The Elan was raced from 1982 to 1989 in International Conference of Sport Car Clubs (ICSCC) and SCCA in the Pacific Northwest. We won the 1982 to 1987 ICSCC class ?C Production? Championship in the Pacific Northwest. Invited to the SCCA West coast runoffs in GT3. In 1990 the Northwest Region SCCA would not transfer the ?Grandfathered? Regional Logbook to San Francisco Region and issued a Vintage SCCA Logbook. The Elan was then Vintage raced as # 24 in Vintage Racing (SCCA), HMSA and CSRG. The Elan has completed over 70 races at Portland International, Seattle International, Westwood (Vancouver BC), Spokane, Olympia, Victoria (BC), Sears Point and Laguna Seca California. Lotus Elan 26/5611 was sold in May 1999 with spare complete racing engine, transmission and miscellaneous parts to Dick Jeffery of San Francisco. Elan was completely gone over, rewired and repainted a Teal Green with Gold trim. Car first raced again, as # 26, in CSRG Vintage races at Laguna Seca Raceway in February 2000. Jeffery said the Lotus Elan was ?too fast? and sold it in 2005 through Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA. Bruce Trenery, Fantasy Junction, said the Lotus Elan 26/5611 sold to Alan Himes (703.532.5440). He is at 113 Gordon Road, Falls Church, VA 22046. Alan plans to race the Elan later in the 2006 race season.
First name:Bill
CityWalnut Creek
Country:United States
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