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Chassis :7380
Engine :LP-8700
Purchase Date:1974-09-10
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:My 1st Lotus. My college graduation pressent to myself. Drove for several years as daily driver, then summer daily driver, then RF turret broke Spring 1978. Taken off road for several years, then restored on new galvanized chassis 1983-85. Original owner in Pittsburg, Pa, Then through Lotus Central (Detroit) to Gary Rowdett, Columbus Indiana. He owned it for 2 years while it went steadily downhill. So, I am 3rd owner. It returned to Columbus Ohio with me in 1975 and been here since. While filling out the form for 45-7380, I completely forgot this car is a Super Safety, w/ rocker switch dash, recessed instruments, dual brakes and used to have reflectors at all 4 corners. This is another interesting sub-species of Elan, since the factory manual and parts book says SS models ran from 45-7400- 7894(IIRC). They obviously wrote the books after the cars were produced and forgot what the beginning # was. There are a number of us w/ full SS cars pre-7400 and there are a number of post 7400 cars w/ less than full SS spec or no SS features at all. Also, even though there were special reverse ear KO hubs for the SS models, I have only seen one car so equiped. Most SS, mine included, are fitted w/ bolt-on wheels.
First name:Roger
Country:United States
Member Since:2019-1-6
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Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
INSERT 1967 45 7380 S3 DHC BRG 2019-02-02 09:42:21

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