Car Information

Car ID 1307
Series +2
Variant FHC
Model +2|FHC|50
Year 1968
Type 50
Chassis 0747
Color Brauwn
Engine 12474LBA
Purchased 2020-02-20
Comments This +2 imported from UK, as only 2 previous owners, first one kept it up to 1978 and then sold it to the second one that after use kept it for decades in a barn, then I finally bought it and import it into Belgium in 2020. She is definitely "dans son jus" and need a full restauration that is going to take me years probably, color seems to be the original one, but none are brown in the registry and I cannot find any original color code in brown ? Anyway, a respray is more than needed and may change to a green (like Mercedes Pine green or equivalent).
Owner ID 1877
First name Yves
City Le Roeulx
State Hainaut
Country Belgium
Created 2020-02-20 07:47:24
Modified 2020-08-12 06:44:17

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