Car Information

Car ID 1298
Series S4
Variant FHC
Model S4|FHC|36
Year 1969
Type 36
Chassis 8531
Color red
Engine L18816
Comments I purchased the S4 along with a Europa from someone who turned out to be someone I had worked with now living in France. He was looking at converting it to lhd and had seemingly cut a few wires. But the car ran ok but I noticed the 2 switches for panel and interior light had no "click" to them so decided to replace them. Having taken a while to find some originals I now found out they were screwed with the tiniest cross head screws which were not able to be undone with the dash in place.So dash out and there began the process of wiring in the new switches. Electrical work is not my forte and hampered by my left arm not working as it should, thats where the Elan is today. Why you may ask?Lliving on a working horse stud there always something and more important that takes my time.So the Elan waits patiently.I guess its whats called a one day project?
Owner ID 1664
First name David
City Windsor
State Berkshire
Country United Kingdom
Created 2020-01-03 07:13:30
Modified 2020-06-01 09:33:44
Factory Data - I've lost track of where this data originated and it may be incomplete, inaccurate, false, or just plain made up.
Year 69
Month 10
Production Batch
Chassis 8531
Engine CL18816
Gearbox 4
Build Date 1969-10-04

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