Car Information

Car ID 1278
Series +2S/130/5
Variant FHC
Model +2S/130/5|FHC|50
Year 1973
Type 50
Chassis 73081644L
Color Carnival Red
Engine P30876
Purchased 2017-10-02
Comments Vehicle was restored in 2006 and rebuilt on a Spyder space frame chassis with the electric headlamp conversion. There are hundreds of restoration photographs on a CD-ROM. It had previously been repainted from Sable to Carnival Red in 1992 . The mileage is presently a genuine 74,000 miles and in the 20 months I have owned it gone through it with a fine tooth comb and sorted out many components not working or that needed replacing like all the suspension, braking and steering parts. Only item left now is a partial respray to the faded roof and bonnet.
Owner ID 1249
First name Phil
City Gerrards Cross
State Buckinghamshire
Country United Kingdom
Created 2019-08-19 15:49:21
Modified 2019-08-19 15:49:21

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