Car Information

Chassis :0332
Color:Carnival Red
Engine :LP11074LBA
Purchase Date:2018-04-12
Sold Date :0000-00-00
Comments:Recently purchased in the UK from the former keeper in Oxfordshire. Looking in to as much as the cars history as I possibly can and am interested in hearing from other owners (UK and abroad) Since entering my car here I have heard from several former owners and it’s history is being mapped! Used as a dry weekend car only but hoping to put some miles on the clock this summer!
First name:Mark
CityLytham St Annes
Country:United Kingdom
Member Since:2018-4-30
Record Created:2019-05-06 10:29:13
Record Modified:2018-04-24 10:11:32
Record Update History
Operation Year Type Chassis Series Variant Color Image Date Modified
UPDATE 1968 50 0332 +2 FHC Carnival Red 2019-05-06 13:29:13
INSERT 1968 50 0332 +2 FHC Carnival Red 2019-02-02 09:42:22
INSERT 1968 50 0332 +2 FHC Carnival Red 2018-04-24 10:11:32

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